Welcome to the world of plant-based!

Are you a vegan foodie who knows the latest and greatest vegetable trends? Or if you're totally into the plant-based lifestyle then aquafaba is the ingredient you can't live without. Aquafaba is a vegan plant-based ingredient that makes you never feel guilty again!

Aquafaba is the modern Latin name for the, oh so ordinary, meaningless liquid that arises when chickpeas are cooked. You know that slightly foamy, syrupy liquid that you pour into the drain without thinking about it when you open a can of chickpeas? Well, that sticky stuff that canned chickpeas are in, yes, that's it.

You can make aquafaba yourself by cooking chickpeas, but you can also use moisture from a can or jar of chickpeas. Often there is already salt in the pots, keep that in mind when baking. Or you can buy aquafaba in a bottle, that's handy.

Welcome to aquafaba

The best thing that happened to vegans
since hummus and chips.